FAQs for Visitors

  1. How can I participate in the event?

    Guests and interested members of the public are invited to browse the presentations and watch the videos provided by the presenters. During the week of this event, December 3 - 21, you are encouraged to contribute to the discussion for each presentation by posting comments and questions. You can also vote for your favorite presentations to help determine the “Public Choice.”

  2. Why should I create an account?

    Having an account provides many benefits to Video Showcase participants. Anyone participating and commenting during the week-long event can create an account using the link on the Home page (available December 3 - 21).

    With an account:

    • Your posts to presentation discussions will be streamlined, so that you will not need to confirm each post via email.
    • You will have a profile picture associated to your posts.
    • You will be able to see recent history of videos that you have viewed.
    • You will be able to track the discussions that you commented on to see new posts and replies.  
    • You will be able to "upvote" helpful and interesting comments. 
  3. Can I post questions, comments, or feedback to the presenters?

    Yes, all guests visiting the presentations can post questions and feedback to presenters by posting to the discussion area on their presentation pages. Presenters will be monitoring this area too, so be sure to check back to see replies that are posted to your questions. All comments must be posted by 8 PM EDT on Monday, May 21. After this time, all posted comments will still remain available to view on the presentation discussions, but no new comments or replies can be added.  

  4. Can I contact a presenter to get more information?

    You can find any contact information that has been provided on each presentation page.

  5. Who can see the questions that are posted to the presenters?

    Anyone visiting these presenters’ pages can see the questions and replies that are posted to these discussions.

  6. How can I find presentations that are interesting to me?

    Click on “Presentations” (top right of the screen) to view all presentations. Use keywords to filter presentations and view those that are in your areas of interest.

  7. Is captioning available for the videos?

    Yes, captioning is available for the videos. Click the ‘cc’ button in the bottom right to turn them on/off, as necessary.

  8. How can I be a Presenter in a STEM Teacher Leadership Showcase event?

    In order to participate, a presenter from your project must register for the event. Registration is usually mid-January to mid-February. 

    There is a limit on the number of registrations we can accept each year. Given that, all registrations are reviewed approvals are sent out after registration closes. In our approval process, priority is given to NSF and other federally funded projects that address the theme. To learn more about the requirements for presenters, visit our Information for Presenters page.

FAQs for Presenters

  1. When does the video have to be submitted for this event?

    The website will be open for uploading videos from March 15 – Nov 16. To learn more about submission and presenter guidelines, visit the Presenter Information page. Submissions must be complete by Wednesday, Nov 16 at 5PM, EDT. 

  2. What is the schedule May 14-21?

    This is an online event that will be held December 3-11. Presenters, facilitators, and guests can visit the Showcase at any time of day to participate in discussions and voting.

    Day 1 of Event: December 3

    • Members of the public and all event participants begin watching videos, commenting on presentations, and placing Public Choice votes via Facebook, Twitter, and email for videos they find most compelling.
    • Facilitators representing all of the participating Resource Centers review presentations and submit queries and comments to presenters. 
    • Presenters reply to comments made to their presentations. They post additional comments on other presentations in the showcase and begin placing their votes for “Presenters’ Choice.”

    Day 2 – Day 4: May 15–17

    • Event participants continue to comment and place “Public Choice” votes.
    • Presenters continue replying to comments made by event participants and facilitators.
    • Presenters place votes for “Presenters’ Choice” (if not complete).
    • Facilitators select videos that exemplify extraordinary creativity in the use of video to share innovative work to determine “Facilitators’ Choice.”
    • Facilitators must submit all voting rubrics by 12 PM EDT on Friday, May 18.

    Day 5 - Day 7: May 18-20

    • Event participants continue to comment and place “Public Choice” votes.
    • Presenters continue replying to comments made by event participants.
    • Presenters place votes for “Presenters’ Choice” (if not complete).

    Day 8: May 21

    • Last day for event participants to comment and place "Public Choice" votes.
    • Last day for presenters to submit their selections for Presenters’ Choice.
    • All voting and commenting closes at 8 PM EDT on Monday, May 21.

    December 11, 2018

    • Public Choice, Presenters’ Choice, and Facilitators’ Choice announced and posted on event website, as well as on those of the represented resource centers.
    • Discussion posts are read-only.
    • Event with videos and discussions are available for viewing.


  3. How can I interact with other presenters?

    Visit their presentations and post comments throughout the days of the event. Vote for your favorite video presentations to help determine “Public Choice” and share work with the public at large. You will also vote for four presentations that you feel show extraordinary creativity in the use of video to share innovative work to determine “Presenters’ Choice.” You may vote for your own presentation, but you must vote for three others for your votes to count. You must vote for four presentations in total.


  4. Why does the data in the map not match the number of views on my page?

    There are several reasons.

    1. Views represent clicks on your page. The map references sessions, which are 30 minutes long. If one visitor goes in multiple times within 30 minutes, it counts as one session.
    2. The map shows visitors, but it is NOT a reflection of all visitors to your page, as it only shows those that Google Analytics captures. What it captures is dependent on whether the users share their geographic location, latitude and longitude, and as well as may other factors, including ad blockers. Some universities, corporations and even countries disable Google tracking.
    3. It updates once an hour, so the data is not reflecting real time.
  5. What will happen to my presentation after the online event?

    The Videohall Showcase website with all of the videos and discussion posts will still be available for anyone to view once the event is over. Participants retain all copyright and equivalent rights, but, upon submission of materials, participants agree to license their submissions under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0). 

  6. What will the public see?

    The public will see all of the presentations and they will be able to see and post comments to the general discussion, as well as vote in Public Choice. 

  7. Is closed captioning available for the videos?

    Yes, the TERC organizers of this event provide closed captioning for all videos. (These are added to your video after you have submitted and approved your presentation.) During the event, click the ‘cc’ button in the bottom right to turn them on/off, as necessary.

  8. Who should I contact if I have any questions or if I’m having technical trouble?

    Please send an email to contact@stemforall.videohall.com.