About the STEM Teacher Leadership Network


The STEM Teacher Leadership Network is a soon to be released website that will connect teacher leaders with researchers, administrators, policy makers, and aspiring teacher leaders. This website will bring teacher leaders together working towards improving schools, affecting policy, and re-envisioning the future of STEM teaching and learning. The STEM Teacher Leadership Video Showcase serves as a complement to the upcoming STEM Teacher Leadership Network. All videos appearing here will also be accessible on the STEM Teacher Leadership Network.

Contact us if you are interested in submitting a video on your teacher leadership path or in participating in the beta test of the new STEM Teacher Leadership Network to serve teacher leaders.

This showcase is created and facilitated by TERC and is funded by the National Science Foundation (Award #1240555).

The Videohall.com platform was created by the Center for School Reform at TERC with support from the National Science Foundation. Opinions expressed on this site are those of the contributors and not necessarily those of the Foundation.